• Paranormal teams investigate Gila County Jail2

    • January 9, 2009

    The MVD Ghostchaser’s paranormal team conducts Spirit Photography Workshops four times a year. This gives members of other paranormal teams, novice ghost hunters, and folks wanting to learn about ghost hunting a chance to investigate a haunted location in Arizona. We were given permission to spend the night in the Old Gila County Jail located

  • 1,030 hours of film = 1 second of “orbs” = 26 frames of dust0

    • January 8, 2009

    Yea, that’s right. Today’s ever-growing “Ghost Hunter groups” spend their nights shooting hundreds of hours of film, tape recordings, and photographs with the end conclusion of just a few seconds of “orbs”. Or what we like to call, dust. No, I’m not being a Negative Nancy. A Debbie Downer maybe, but Nancy? never. In all

  • Haunted courthouse and pseudo scientists0

    • January 8, 2009

    This picture, taken July 5, 1938, and published in the Tribune the next day, shows the coffin box containing the body of the man who committed suicide in the clock tower being lowered to the ground at the Freeborn County Courthouse. The Freeborn County Courthouse will soon be the feature of a documentary that includes

  • TAPS in California, the Wolfe Manor case0

    • November 18, 2008

    Paranormal investigators search for clues that might signal ghostly activity at Wolfe Manor in Clovis. The popular investigative team “TAPS” is coming to California. Reports of a paranormal activity in the infamous “Wolfe manor” have been circulating for years. The fact that the manor has been used as a sanitarium, convalescent and regular home in

  • ‘Ghost Hunters’ to visit Ocala inn0

    • October 1, 2008

    Spirits of a woman, boy and old man haunt the Seven Sisters Inn. OCALA, Florida – The pink and purple Victorian manors that make up the Seven Sisters Inn off East Fort King Street in Ocala seem like most other old Southern homes, at least on the outside. But ghosts and spirits don’t spend much

  • The Media and the Paranormal2

    • September 27, 2008

    “Chupacabra DNA” revealed! Most Haunted Live! show “Security camera ghosts”, “Gym ghost video”, “Cellphone Ghost” and “Chupacabra found”…. These are the top search phrases that lead people to GhostTheory.com according to my Google Analytics. There has been a spike in traffic that I’ve noticed since the beginning of last year. You can’t just dismiss this

  • Moving Clothes, Unexplained Images Reported At Inn0

    • September 21, 2008

    Unexplained happenings inside a 340-year-old inn, including reports of clothes moving around rooms, have prompted an investigation into the incidents. Local 6 news from Rhode Island is investigating this case along side with a local ghost hunting team. A series of strange encounters have been reported at the General Stanton Inn located at 4115 Old


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