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A Flying Horse In West Virginia

January 17, 2018 – 11:51 PM | 4,456 views

In July of 1878 the New York Times wrote an article titled “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” The article talked about a telegram that had come from a small town in Parkersburg, West Virginia …

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The day John Lennon saw a UFO

March 10, 2016 – 8:59 AM | 4 Comments | 27,683 views


“On the 23rd Aug. 1974 at 9 o’clock I saw a U.F.O.” – John Lennon
Standing naked on the balcony of his 53rd street penthouse, Lennon stood in complete shock at the sight of a flying craft, hovering …

Ret. NORAD Officer: More UFOs Above Major Cities

December 5, 2010 – 3:34 PM | 27 Comments | 10,389 views
Ret. NORAD Officer: More UFOs Above Major Cities

Retired NORAD officer Stan Fulham is back on the news. You might remember Mr. Fulham from the “NYC UFO” mess. When a few months ago, Fulham had predicted that UFO crafts would hover above New …

“Mysterious Contrail” Over New York

November 11, 2010 – 7:35 AM | 16 Comments | 4,271 views

Thanks to our loyal reader Indrid Cold for the heads up on this one.
A weird comet-like streak was filmed flying over NYC yesterday evening, just a few days after the California contrail/missile controversy. The CBS …

Coast To Coast AM: Stan Fulham On UFO Prediction

October 21, 2010 – 11:04 AM | 9 Comments | 3,722 views

OK, let’s all thank loyal GT reader Terry The Censor for the following find. Coast to Coast AM’s full interview with Stan Fulham about his October 13th, 2010 UFO prediction.
I’ve not had the time this …

Army Skydivers Responsible For Texas UFO?

October 18, 2010 – 8:01 AM | 34 Comments | 4,972 views

A post that I had made on Sunday about a video shot in Texas that supposedly shows UFO activity could have a more “down to earth” explanation.
GhostTheory reader John G, left the following comment:

John G …

Texas UFO Sighting Similar To NYC’s Sighting

October 17, 2010 – 8:19 AM | 42 Comments | 10,327 views

It’s starting to get really weird now. This whole “October 13th 2010” UFO thing is starting to creep me out a little…just a little.
Readers, I think by now you are aware on where I stand …

More On The NYC UFO: Video

October 15, 2010 – 9:18 AM | 17 Comments | 2,346 views

Think you’ve heard everything about the NYC UFO?  We’re not done yet…*sigh*
At first, I had stated that New Yorkers were confusing balloons with UFOs. Given that retired NORAD officer, Stanley Fulham had made a prediction …

Kids Responsible for NYC UFO Craze

October 14, 2010 – 1:11 PM | 14 Comments | 2,507 views

Thanks to GT reader JJ for the heads up.
We can finally put all this “New York UFO” mess to rest. I hope.
Students from the Westchester Elementary School claim that the supposed UFO over NYC were …

New York City: UFO Aftermath

October 14, 2010 – 9:17 AM | 27 Comments | 15,267 views

So October 13th 2010, came and went. According to retired NORAD office Stanley Fulham we were supposed to see a display of hovering UFO crafts above Earth’s major cities on that day. Well, something did …