Bigfoot DNA: Ketchum vs Sykes

Bigfoot DNA: Ketchum vs Sykes

So, many of you are familiar with the melodrama surrounding Dr. Melba Ketchum’s controversial DNA Bigfoot study.

Her credentials have been questioned, a long drawn out and often delayed release of results has raised questions, the debate over her peer review status and eventual publication in a scientific journal which it turned out she had purchased have all become more of a story in cryptozoology than the results themselves. I have done a number of stories about her results.
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For anyone interested in the paper it is Here.

There is a second study of potential Bigfoot DNA planned to be released in December by Dr Bryan Sykes of Wolfson College, Oxford.

Dr. Sykes’ credentials are indisputable. There are indications of some crossover in sampling. Sykes himself is remaining mum on the subject of his own results, as well as Dr. Ketchum’s.
The story of Sykes Study can be found Here.

Dear Henry,

Thank you for your enquiry. I have more or less finished the collection and analysis phase of the project, with just one or two more samples left to analyse. I am now preparing manuscript(s) for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

I have not commented on Dr Ketchum’s work, and will certainly not do so until my own results are published – if at all.

With kind regards


Bryan Sykes MA PhD DSc
Professor of Human Genetics
Wolfson College, Oxford,OX2 6UD

There has been claimed an information leak from the Sykes camp, reported by Robert Lindsay.

Dr. Bryan Sykes study may well prove that Bigfoots exist. From multiple sources, I have now received the news that not only will the Sykes DNA study publish soon, it will also prove that Bigfoots exist. None of the sources would tell me this in so many words, but they certainly implied that the findings would be positive. So I am looking forward to publication of the study. On the other hand, it is possible though not likely that the sources are all wrong and the study could be negative.

On the heels of this, there has been some recent activity on Dr. Ketchum’s Facebook page.

Melba Ketchum

As far as all of the documents that were leaked, they are authentic. I didn’t leak them though. Some submitters as well as others associated with the project had access to this information so I don’t know who did. Those communications are not supposed to be leaked. So if anyone gets sued, it won’t be me. They can subpoena the blogger’s email trail. I actually am happy about the leak though. At least now everything I have said can be authenticated including the ridiculous and biased nature of the reviews. Now people will know the truth and that we did pass peer review.

The leak of the  paper is proposed evidence that Ketchum’s results did in fact pass peer review. That paper is 14 pages long and I won’t reproduce it here, but you can find it at Google Docs.

Methinks she doth protest too much?
Not for me to say, but the timing of this is certainly propitious to reclaim the title of discoverer. Only the next few months, and history will tell.

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