Erikson Project; Bigfoot News Conference

Erikson Project; Bigfoot News Conference

In an event that seemed to attract little attention The Erickson Project finally released more footage of the video of the supposed sleeping juvenile Bigfoot that accompanied the announcement of the Ketchum DNA study.

The first video that was released showed what many called a rug. Here is the video of Matilda.

There was a promise of release of the face video at that time but it never happened, only a few stills were leaked.

As you can see in this video, the press were climbing over each other to get this story. You can jump to the :55 mark to see the face of Matilda in action.

Frankly, the rigidity of the mouth makes this look like a mask.

This mask:

As compared to Matilda from the video.

And for further comparison, Patty from the Patterson/Gimlin film

Now I am not here proposing that Patty is any more real than the others. There is plenty of controversy surrounding the video and multiple claims that she was faked as well. However no one has been able to produce corroboration, or a costume, or in recent times been able to adequately reproduce the anatomy or motion of Patty from the film. The fact remains that Patty is pretty much the standard against which Bigfoot videos are judged and in this case the Erickson video is a fail.

Now that I think about it, Patty was given her name from the association with Roger Patterson. It makes me wonder just a little where the name Matilda came from?

The next best facial shot of a bigfoot is Todd Standing’s image

But there are plenty of questions and controversy around his study and findings as well.

I am going to stick to my opinion that evidence releases like this one are going to continue in vain attempt to turn attention from the awaited release of Bryan Sykes DNA results in December.

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Personally I am discourages by the circus that the attempt to prove Bigfoot has become. Rick Dyer, Justin Smeja, Todd Standing, Melba Ketchum, from the outright liars to the misguided or mistaken seekers the list goes on of people who claim they only want the science to be done and in their ham-handed way show themselves to be the last people who should be participating in that study. They only do a disservice to the eventual realization of their goal, proof one way or the other, by ensuring that competent and qualified researchers will not want to associate themselves with the field of crypto-zoology.
Maybe, in the end that is what they want. As with the various “Reality TV” shows out there, if any of them actually discovered something it would mean the end of the road. They would lose out on selling themselves as the experts, the voices of the creature.

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