• Bob Lazar 25 Years Later

    Bob Lazar 25 Years Later9

    • May 15, 2014

      He really has nothing more to say than he ever has, except for a little bit of back peddling. Even compulsive conspiracy believer Stanton Friedman can’t get behind Lazar. I am not certain whether that discredits Lazar, or stems from Friedman being jealous of someone who might really know what is going on, but

  • Dulce New Mexico

    Dulce New Mexico1

    • March 26, 2014

    Cattle mutilations, abductions, alien/human hybrids, Reptilians, Greys, mind manipulation experiments, underground bases, murder and cover-ups. The Dulce Papers story has it all. Central to the story of Dulce is Thomas Costello, or Castello, depending on the source you find. Castello is the named source of the much talked about but rarely, if ever seen “Dulce

  • Sirius: UFO Documentary Makes Serious Claim

    Sirius: UFO Documentary Makes Serious Claim11

    • April 5, 2013

    “…paradigm shifting physical evidence of a medically and scientifically analyzed DNA sequenced humanoid creature of unknown classification found in the Atacama desert, Chile.” That’s how serious Sirius is. Okay. Enough with the ‘serious’ jokes and let’s get on with what many are calling a ground-breaking UFO documentary. Dr. Steven Greer (no stranger to controversy) has

  • Vice Documentary: Valley of the UFOs

    Vice Documentary: Valley of the UFOs0

    • March 26, 2013

      One of the few great magazines/E-zine out there is Vice. They cover everything from fashion to civil wars. Vice’s avant-garde documentaries are also just as eclectic as their journalism palette.One recent documentary titled ‘Valley of the UFOs‘ was host in the forgotten town of Hooper, Colorado. With their one hundred and five residents, Hooper

  • $100,000.00 For Proof Of ET Craft

    $100,000.00 For Proof Of ET Craft12

    • February 22, 2013

    Well, you had to expect it sooner or later. With the Bigfoot challenge and the James Randi psychic challenge, it was only a matter of time before someone offered big money for proof that an alien race/s have been visiting this little blue (for the time being) planet we call earth. Driven by the release

  • Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching

    Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching0

    • February 15, 2013

    Greg Newkirk and his team at Who Forted could hardly have planned a better time to release for free viewing their own experience in hunting for Bigfoot in the hills of New York State. Here is the trailer “I think we’re going to find him, and I think we’re going to be the first ones

  • Planet Weird

    Planet Weird4

    • January 27, 2013

    What happens when you take your hobby and turn it into a near obsession with seeking out the bizarre and unexplained? Oh… I mean outside of Ghost Theory. What you get is Greg Newkirk’s Who Forted Yeah, we cover some of the same stuff, trade articles back and forth in the internet/couch potato version of

  • UFO Cold War

    UFO Cold War6

    • January 25, 2013

    A recent news item in the E U Times claims that Russian Prime Minister Medvedev will suggest/threaten that if President Obama does not reveal the truth about UFOs and Alien visitation, then he, Medvedev, will. What I wonder about this is why? Is Russia subject to any restrictions placed upon it by the US, or

  • Talent Wanted

    Talent Wanted3

    • October 20, 2012

    From time to time, the world of the unexplained and inexplicable offers up a rare opportunity. Thus far in my experience there has been a house offered as reward for proof of the existence of Bigfoot, and recently an IPO investment opportunity for proof of Bigfoot. Today I bring you your chance to be a

  • Friday Video: Coyame, Mexico’s Roswell

    Friday Video: Coyame, Mexico’s Roswell5

    • August 17, 2012

    I have been reading about significant encounters with UFOs, seeking those stories that are on a scale with Roswell, 1947. What I found, an incident which reads like a summer blockbuster movie script, a combination of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” and “Andromeda Strain” against which Roswell pales in comparison if there are equal

  • Revelations: CIA Official Offers New Proof In Roswell UFO Case

    Revelations: CIA Official Offers New Proof In Roswell UFO Case11

    • July 7, 2012

    Okay, I know that many of you can cite this material by heart, but for those few who have been living in caves, without television, radio, internet, newspapers, books, friends, or NetFlix some background might be useful for what follows. I ask you to be just a little patient, or face it I have no

  • Friday Video: Travis Walton Has A New Idea On His Abduction

    Friday Video: Travis Walton Has A New Idea On His Abduction3

    • July 6, 2012

    One of the best known and most discussed UFO abduction cases in recent history, or the history of the phenomena, is that of Travis Walton. Early November of 1975 Travis Walton was working on a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Walton and six other men were leaving the logging site at the end


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