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    “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase

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  • UK’s The Sun creates UFO news now?33

    So what is up with UK’s The Sun? Today’s headline is that of a UFO spotted over Dublin, Ireland , complete with video. The problem is, the video isn’t theirs to begin with, as I have seen this video before on YouTube, which was shot by user dede95064. Article Below…   AMAZING footage of a

  • Paranormal Cops review33

    Yes, it’s that time of season again when the TV shows start their seasons, and new shows are introduced. Paranormal Cops is A&E’s latest installment to the ghost hunting genre. Don’t get your hopes up.   I started off this morning by watching the opening episode of Paranormal Cops, and all I could think of

  • Barwon ghost girl IS a hoax!12

    Well about a week after the initial release of the Barwon ghost girl by Australian Ghost Adventures, the truth comes out. Megan Walker is the Barwon ghost girl. Thanks to the anonymous individual who posted here (and at other sites apparently) who drew our attention to Megan’s facebook page. A reader of ours, Bekka, submitted

  • Is Bethlehem Hotel Haunted?7

    Four ghosts have reportedly taken up residence at the historic Hotel Bethlehem but instead of conducting exorcisms or ghost evictions, the hotel has embraced these “guests” by offering up a special hotel room that’s supposed to witness all the paranormal activity.


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