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    “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase

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  • Evidence of the Afterlife3

      Everyone is afraid of death, and that is why death is portrayed in such a dark, evil manner in pictures and pop culture. We have all heard of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and of course people have had to wonder, true of false? Wonder no more! Dr Jeffrey Long has researched this issue, and

  • Believing in Bigfoot7

    I ran across this interesting article over at The Battalion Online, Texas A&M’s online paper presence, written by Richard Creecy. Creecy makes some nice observations about historical sightings, and reasons for lack of evidence. Sasquatch draws a metaphorical line in the sand and, like other “monster” sightings, beckons the masses to cross the line and

  • Big Foot filmmaker sets sights on Humboldt9

    Bigfoot has been big in the news lately. Trust me when I say this, I see many links referring to Bigfoot in the news sources I check on a daily basis. Usually I don’t do Bigfoot stories, but I like what this guy is doing. William Barnes is not sitting on his hands, he is

  • Canadian UFO over Harbour Mille4

    A rather interesting picture of a UFO taken over Harbour Mille in Newfoundland, has everyone questioning it’s origin. Apparently the object appeared to come from the water, making no noise.  Canadian authorities are mum on the issue.  The reigning consensus right now points towards the objects being test missiles being launched by the French submarine


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